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To Be A Brave Scout

Ready for a trip into the wilderness? With her new book, Julia Kluge invites you to wonderful adventures in nature. With a guidebooks for brave scouts, she presents all sorts of impressions from living in nature – from hiking at sunrise to collecting delicious berries and camping under the stars. The dreamy and expressive illustrations make familiar flora and fauna appear excitingly alien. No wonder, because after all, a practiced view of nature reveals all sorts of amazing things. And should life in the wild ever get tricky, you can rely on your fellow campaigners.

In »To Be a Brave Scout«, the seriousness of the scout movement founded at the beginning of the last century gives way to a timeless fascination for the forms of animals and plants, for life in and with nature. The atmospheric colors of the book radiate the longing for freedom and tempt you to lose yourself while reading.

»To Be A Brave Scout« published by Rotopol
The book has 32 pages, in Englisch language
ISBN 978-3-96451-025-9