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NEW PLAY Njustudio / Ankersteine

Find a new world in a box full of bricks

NEW PLAY is an exclusive and limited selection of 42 beautiful anchor blocks – created in cooperation between Ankerbaustein GmbH and Njustudio. In order to give each box a colorful outfit and a little story, I was asked to contribute my ideas and illustrations to the development of two boxes.

The Anker blocks are the oldest building block system in Germany and all blocks are still made by hand. NEW PLAY is the first combination of bricks that takes a new approach to playing with Anker bricks, very different from the classic themes and colors that the traditional company usually offers.

Selected with great care, freshly combined and supplemented with fine new colors and some speckles, NEW PLAY wants to inspire you to start playing without any rules and without a specific goal. Go! Create a new world!

Photos: © Maria Bayer,  www.mariabayer.de

You can buy NEW PLAY here: Shop Njustudio